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What the Muppets can teach us about life

I saw the new MUPPETS movie tonight.  I'm a believer.  It has some of the most touching songs in it including "Pictures in My Head" and "Am I a Man or a Muppet?" (written by New Zealand songwriter Bret McKenzie) and a poignant reprise of "The Rainbow Connection" that has new resonance in a modern context.  Making open reference to the question of whether the muppets are relevant ten years later in this cynical age of ours -- the muppets seem more symbolic than ever.  I bought the digital CD as soon as I got home.  Click below to listen to the songs.  Though I should says the songs are more powerful in the context of the movie.

As a novelist, I'm also inspired by the clean character arcs and goals of the characters.  The hero and villain have clear, tangible goals that are mutually exclusive.  So when the climax occurs, we know what's at stake and when the story is over.  I often find that good animated films teach me about the importance of th…