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First newspaper review + Developing a website for journalist

Regarding my book launch,  today I got my hands on the physical newspaper which had the review of Prospect of My Arrival.  I had read it online but it was even more exciting to see it in print.  My favorite part:  "...this elegant book by Dwight Okita, a Chicago poet making his debut as a novelist. The Prospect of My Arrival is a book that is serious, poignant and engaging."

Here is the link to the full review:

And here is the link to browse and buy the book on Amazon:

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I've been developing a website for journalist Danny Postel. I decided that Homestead would be the best software for his site -- since he has many articles and websites to which he wanted to link.

CLIENT'S NEEDS.  "I need a website to send people to as I seek out journalist and communications job opportunities.  I also want to have a central clearing…

Video reviews from the past + Blog review from today of PROSPECT

In 2008 during the Amazon novel contest, Megan Bostic (the top video) and Josie Henley-Einion (the bottom video) created these great video reviews of PROSPECT OF MY ARRIVAL.  I share them with you now, in anticipation of my novel's release at the end of September!

Also the review excerpt below is by blogger Becky Kyle.  She is the first to review the brand new version of the book.

Prospect is a strong and different story which is difficult to classify, because it contains both elements of dystopic science fiction along with a touch of Young Adult coming of age. Those of a philosophical or ethical bent will want to discuss the implications of a child's choice on whether to be born along with other aspects of Prospect's near-future world.

Prospect’s character is written so well you want to nurture him and guide him through the best of what this world has to offer. Frankly, from the beginning, I hoped that Prospect would be born because I felt the character’s sweetness and w…

How's your marketing plan?

Well, anyone who is following this blog knows that you are getting a bird's eye view of one author's road to self-publication.  All roads lead to Rome.  This one happens to be mine.  And part of that journey is packing a good marketing plan.  I have talked to other authors and googled how self pubbers market themselves.  In the end, it's cafeteria style.  I pick and choose what works best for me, my personality,. my work-style.  Here are a couple steps along the way.

1.  Decide to self publish. Work with a good editor and designer
2.  Seek out venues for book signing + possible book reviewers + do book giveaway
3.  Make bookmarks to promote your book, seek out book clubs
4.  Design Evite for book signing
5.  Ask the universe for whatever karmic blessings are due to you

Beyond these steps and any others you come up with -- there is just the importance of keeping your eyes open for opportunities.  A fair amount of the marketing plan will be unplan-able.  You'll make it …

A funny thing happened on the way to a book review...

First of all, sorry I haven't blogged in a while.  I've been doing final proofs on my novel.  CreateSpace sent me the 265 pages of my novel, fully designed and formatted, for me to proof.  That comes to about 65,000 words or over a quarter of a million characters, punctuation marks and spaces to eyeball!  In four days, I went through it all and made 80 text corrections.  Sent that off and will see the next digital proof in a week.

Secondly, take a look at my beautiful bookmarks above that I designed and had printed.  Kudos to for the excellent bookmark software and printing!  I bought 1000 of them and had then shrink wrapped in packs of 100.

Thirdly, here's what I mean about the funny thing on the way to a book review.  So about 2.5 weeks ago I approached an alternative Chicago newspaper to see if they'd review my book.  I was thrilled to hear that they would.  They didn't hold my self pubber status against me.  So they asked for me to send a PDF…

Coming into the Home Stretch...

Well, I started this blog three months ago on March 30, 2011.  My goal was to follow my various journeys.  Some of those journeys have found completion, some are in process, and one is gradually coming into the home stretch.  Does anyone else look at their life like that?  As a collection of simultaneous journeys?  It's kind of fun for me.

This journey has finally come to a happy close.  My sweet Mom passed away in 2009. After living there off and on, I decided it would be best to rent it out as a two bedroom apartment.  In May 2011 -- two great new tenants moved in.  They are young women studying animation at the School of the Art Institute.  My Mom would have loved having young artists live there.  So this journey has come to fruition.

I've met two interesting fellows on line, and have now talked to them by phone.  They have both passed the crucial phone test.  They are comfortable phone talkers. One i…