First newspaper review + Developing a website for journalist

Regarding my book launch,  today I got my hands on the physical newspaper which had the review of Prospect of My Arrival.  I had read it online but it was even more exciting to see it in print.  My favorite part:  "...this elegant book by Dwight Okita, a Chicago poet making his debut as a novelist. The Prospect of My Arrival is a book that is serious, poignant and engaging."

Here is the link to the full review:

And here is the link to browse and buy the book on Amazon:


Meanwhile back at the ranch, I've been developing a website for journalist Danny Postel. I decided that Homestead would be the best software for his site -- since he has many articles and websites to which he wanted to link.

CLIENT'S NEEDS.  "I need a website to send people to as I seek out journalist and communications job opportunities.  I also want to have a central clearinghouse for all the books, articles and events I have worked on."

Since the most urgent use of the site would be to aid  in job hunting, we decided to make the landing page a place for potential employers to get a sense of the scope of Danny's endeavors.  Later pages can be used to showcase his career in greater detail.

Once I established what the website was to be used for, I asked what colors he favored.  He liked salmon and purple.  I incorporated those into the design.  I had two different approaches stylistically.  Danny preferred the one above with the edgier border.  This style is a good match for his edgy and intriguing personality.  After many options, he zeroed in on a font he fancied for his name which would be at the top of the website.  There are many links on the home page to allow visitors to access Danny's various books and articles.  So far so good.  Now I'm rough drafting the other four pages.  Fine tuning will come at the very end of the design process to save time.


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