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Dwight's Year in Review (Memorable Life Events, Favorite Movies & More!

More than making New Year's resolutions that I know I will break by January 2nd -- I much prefer doing a look back at the past year.  I will start by giving my list of Top 5 Life Events from the past year.  Then I'll move on to things like Top 5 Movies, Musical Acts, Books, Trends, New Products, Cultural Epiphanies, etc.  So come back for more.


I see a lot of movies.  From art films that no one's heard of to PIXAR cartoons.  I don't claim that these were the best films of the year.  They are my favorite.  And they cross a broad spectrum.

1.  50/50
This was an insanely good movie, and will likely be overlooked by the award shows.  (I have since seen that the Golden Globes nominated the film for Best Comedy and Gordon-Levitt for Best Actor in a Comedy!)  The screenplay was inspired by the real life experience of actor Seth Rogen's roommate's diagnosis of brain cancer (he survived as you might guess).  Joseph Gordon-Levitt…