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What central themes do you find irresistible in a novel?

Sometimes it's interesting to hear writers talk about a particular book they've written in terms of the themes they and their characters wrestle within a given book.  This also applies to what themes compel a reader as well.
My debut speculative novel PROSPECT OF MY ARRIVAL is about a human embryo allowed to preview the world before deciding whether to be born.  The central question hopefully raised in the mind of the reader is: If I know when I was about to be born everything that I know now about the world and life -- would I have chosen to be born? Or would I have asked to be returned to the gene pool to wait for a later arrival time and a better world? So at one level, the novel is about evolution. Are we evolving or backsliding? How do we create better, happier humans?

Another question is how does our world, our species, look to the complete outsider? Does earth throw out a welcome mat to newcomers? Or would a newcomer observe us for a few weeks and go diving into the gen…