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Bloggers, do you know the pro's & con's of Following Methods?

I want to do a little experiment.  
To my 15 JOIN THIS SITE followers, please check in and post a note if you read this post.   And to my unknown number of FOLLOW BY EMAIL followers, please do likewise.  In both cases, please mention whether you received my post automatically by email,  or if you had to manually visit my blog to read the post.  I think one method is better than the other.
Do you know that these two different Follow paths can yield different readership?  Look at the path on the top to JOIN THIS SITE.  This is by far the most popular path, and I'd say sadly it's the least effective.  When I first started blogging in earnest at the beginning of the year, I thought this meant that followers would automatically receive my latest posts.  Not so.  The follower must  manually go to your blog to see you if you have a new post.  
Now look at the path on the bottom FOLLOW BY EMAIL.  I think this is the best path.  As soon as I dash off this post -- my post which will be delive…