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GUEST BLOGGER: Author Christine Murray

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Thanks so much to Dwight for being nice enough to host me on his blog! :)

Many people say that they want to write a book, but that they just don’t have the time. Their job is too demanding, they have kids, friends, families and a dog. They have bills to pay, health issues, and perhaps worries about the future. Where in the craziness of modern life are they meant to find the time to bucket a huge amount of energy into pursuing a dream that they’re not sure will even come to fruition?

I’m not belittling these doubts – they’re very real for a lot of people – but the one thing that a holds more people back than we’d like to admit is the fear of failure. Because if we don’t pursue our dreams, we can always imagine that they were indeed possible for us before life got in the way. On the other hand, if we go after the dream and it turns out to not go our way then that’s it. We may have to admit that we might not have what it takes. And that’s a scary thought.