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After the Book Launch: For My Next Trick

Hi Folks.
This gorgeous photo is by my friend Mary in New York.  It would be a stunning picture without my book in it with that NY snow and light and the birds.  But with my book in it -- it's stunning.

Before I talk about the post-book-launch, I want to ask you out there in Blogland "What is a blog for?"  Of course we'd all like our blogs to be optioned and turned into movies.  But the truth is most of us are lucky if we can even get more than a handful of followers to follow us.  If you write a blog and no one reads it -- does it make a sound (think of the tree falling in an empty forest).  Probably.  A blog without an audience, if nothing else, is a diary to oneself.  And there's value in that.  But if I wanted to write a diary, I wouldn't be on the worldwide web.  I don't just want to be followed, I want to be commented upon, and engaged.  It's lonely out here in the Blogosphere.  And please tell me what you would like from me in return.  I'…