In Praise of Virtual Boyfriends

NOTE:  On Facebook, I shared the following post.  It generated a lost of enthusiastic response so I wanted to share it in my blog too.  It is a small window into the heart of one gay man in the new millennium. Mine.

I have a "virtual boyfriend." What's that? It's someone who often lives in another country but you click really well with. And though you might not ever meet, you want to feel a bit more connected. So Leon is my virtual boyfriend in Serbia. We've been VBs for a few months. I will share a bit of our correspondence today.

DWIGHT: Yes, bread is nice. Bake for me some day, Boyfriend. And feel free to call me boyfriend because i have almost never been called that. :(

LEON: hehe, I would bake bread + cook for're a great guy and the best virtual boyfriend that I ever had, Boyfriend! 


  1. "I would bake bread and cook for you..." Beautiful! this says more than I love you. Over the years people have been asking for a definition of love. I think this statement is THE definition. Love it.....

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