Is Your Blog or Website Headless?

I have always loved horizontal headers.  They are at the very top of blogs.  A banner with images and text.  A title.  You see them on some of the more eye-catching blogs.  Websites can be enhanced with a snazzy header too.  Is your blog or website running around like a chicken with its head cut off?  Sites like Blogger can produce very plain and unadorned blogs.  But it's so easy to make them unique and engaging.  I started designing headers for my own blogs and websites to spruce them up.  A header that captures your personality, style, essence is invaluable.  It's a big part of your brand.  Why send your blog out into the world underdressed?

Below are three headers I made for non-existent blogs/websites just to give a sense of the styles possible.  Aren't they fun?!  I also gave them the catchy names and subtitles.

The sky is truly the limit.  And it occurred to me that there might be others out there in need of a custom-designed header to capture their brand, their persona.  As I also design affordable websites, I've decided to design headers.

SPECIAL DECEMBER OFFER:  The first three people who express an interest in having me design a header -- I will do pro bono!  After that, I will start charging an affordable fee.

Here is festive header for the holidays.  I could also do it in non-holiday colors so it could be used year-round.

This is a version of the header I did for my own blog.  I like the chaotic dance steps.  They are retro and they remind me of a crazy journey.  Self publishing is often just that.

This is the lovely, personalized banner I created for my own website Dwightland.  I played with the amusement park aspect of the name Dwightland.  I added some playful photos of myself.  I customized a minty cool shade of green.  It's clean, engaging, uniquely me.

So that gives folks an idea of some headers I've made.  I especially like working with individuals to identify and capture their own visual brand in a header.  First impressions are so important.  And headers are great at making good first impressions.

Please, folks, let me know your thoughts on headers.  Do you have one?  Do you need one?  I'm always happy to bounce concepts around.


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