Best software for creating book trailers & videos

The image above is a still from my new book trailer for PROSPECT OF MY ARRIVAL. Much of the richness of the image is due to Animoto. I think provides one of the most stunning video creation services I've seen. It's great for book trailers and it's free, as long as your video is no more than 30 seconds. You input photos, music, video and text -- and its editing software does all the magic. It's like having a virtual movie director.

If you outgrow the 30 second length, you just pay $30 for the year which is pretty cheap for what it does. (I purchased the music on my video dirt cheap, along with some of the video clips thru Take a peek at the book trailer below for my forthcoming novel to see what Animoto can do. If you have any questions about how it was put together, just ask. Or drop a note in my guestbook at For the maximum effect, open up the video to full-screen. Hope you like it.
Please let me know your thoughts!


  1. I love the screenprint of the roses and book title.


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