April 9, 2016 -- What's new?

I've decided to put new and evolving info about my books and web design and life in this handy blog page, rather than in the body of my home page.  It's easier to maintain and may encourage me to blog with greater frequency.

NOVELS -- My first novel The Prospect of My Arrival is on Amazon.  It is being shopped around Hollywood as a possible movie or TV project.  My second novel The Hope Store is complete and I want to start shopping it to publishers open to unagented writers.  My third novel Every Time We Say Goodbye is being developed as we speak.

WEB DESIGN -- I'm thinking I might do a Spring Sale for those interested in having me design their websites. Contact me if you're interested.  Samples of my work are on this site.

CUDDLING: GROUP & PRIVATE -- As some of you know the Cuddle Movement has been growing for over a decade.  I started my own meetup group "Cuddle Adventures for Gay Men" about half a year ago and that's going well.  I also became a certified cuddler through Cuddlist.com and now offer one-on-one cuddling...whether for healing and increased connection... or just for the joy and romance of it!  Why should partnered people have all the fun.  Single people are singular!

GENERAL LIFE -- The weather in Chicago has been snow one minute, sunny day the next.  Never dull.  Have been dating a little, hanging with friends.  Recent movies I've liked:  "Midnight Special" has some thrilling moments as a movie speculating on faith and intergalactic phenomenon.

VIDEO SHARE OF THE WEEK -- For those budding writers out there, here's my gift to you.  James Patterson's video...


What's new with all of you?


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