SLUMBER PARTIES & LOADED GUNS: My Other Novels in Progress

Hi folks, a while back you subscribed to my blog which deals with my being an indie writer, an online dater, a gay asian man, a Nichiren Buddhist, a person recovered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and a frequent movie-goer.  Please let me know you got this email as my previous gadget wasn't sending them out properly.  You could post a comment below or email me at  Thanks.

My first novel THE PROSPECT OF MY ARRIVAL will always be a top three finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards contest, out of 5,000 entries.  I self-published it in 2011 and it has doing respectably, garnering enthusiastic reviews.

My second novel THE HOPE STORE I've been fine-tuning to enter in the new Kindle Scout competition presented by Amazon.

I wanted to mention the next two novels I have in the works which I'm developing concurrently:

SLUMBER PARTIES FOR GROWN-UPS is the third novel. A mid-life guy regrets he never attended slumber parties as a youth. He misses the fun, mischief, the yummy food, the movies, the snoring...mostly of all the comraderie that can only come from sleeping in a room with other humans. Now that he's middle-aged, single, and less hopeful that he'll ever partner, the allure of slumber parties is even stronger. He starts to schedule monthly sleepovers with array of friends -- single, married, gay, straight, of various faiths, political parties, ethnicities and genders. 
He starts to learn things about his friends never-before known. What alchemy occurs when human brains sleep in such close proximity? If you can't fall asleep at night, is it because you are awake in someone else's dream? What happens when the lines that separate us as individual people -- begin to blur? A magic realist adventure.

THE UN-GUN is the fourth novel.  It explores the phenomenon of hand gun violence and mass shootings in America. A think tank turns to science for possible solutions. THE UN-GUN is about the invention of a gun with retrievable bullets. The shooter has a one hour grace period to un-kill his shooting victim -- if he grows a conscience and has shooter's remorse. Or he can let the dead remain dead. If the shooter chooses to un-kill his victim, the bullet returns to the chamber in the gun. The wound vanishes from the body, any damage to clothing is reversed. All is as it was before the shooting.

The victim will never know he had been killed.  Unless the shooter one day decides to tell him.


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