Nothing enriches my life more than a good friend.

Tonight I had a last dinner with my new friend L. In a matter of months, we've become very close friends to each other. In a few days, she'll move back to a small town in Illinois. But she hopes to return to Chicago as soon as she lands a job. At Taste of Heaven over dinner, we talked about what we liked about each other. I told her I felt very connected to her even though we've only known each other a few months. That I would miss her a lot. I joked: "I probably like you more than you like me." 

She later texted me this great note: "Oh, I forgot to tell you this, but another reason I like you, is that you are very inspiring. Every time I hang out with you i go home happy and stay that way for a couple of days." 

And this is why friends are one of the most important things to me. Because when you can't find the big love, when your family is going away -- friends are your family and the object of your affection. At least that is the case with me!


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