Slumber Party for Grown-ups

Last night had my first official SLUMBER PARTY FOR GROWN-UPS. 10/19/13. There were three of us friends together. We started with dinner at the restaurant downstairs. One of my pals and I did get into a nasty disagreement during the meal, and words were exchanged. But after we devoured some gelato up at my place, all was forgiven. I did think for a moment, the slumber party was going to self-destruct but it didn't. I chanted for a peaceful resolution and got one.

Then we watched "The Social Network" film and some of Saturday Night Live. L. brought 3 flavors of gelato -- chocolate mint, vanilla bean and something else. Mango? Yum. G. brought soda and snacks. I thought about playing a game, but I couldn't find any games at my place. Do I have any? I used to have playing cards. Note to self: next time, plan the games better. As G. and L. were getting sleepy, we took turns reading bed time stories to each other. That was fun. I tucked everyone in for the night.  G. on the futon, L. in the bed. Myself on the floor. 

I left the light on in the bathroom with the door ajar as a nightlight. L. marveled at the view of Chicago from the 14th floor through my windows. Through the night we all slept and snored, though I did stay up and play on facebook. It was nice to finally lie down, to the gentle and not so gentle snoring of my friends.

What I experienced was a kind of family feeling. A deeper level than mere cocooning. The comfort that only comes from spending several hours with a group where the facades come down. This is just the first of many sleepovers. Waking up the next day, there was the fun morning conversation as the sun came through the windows. L. and I talked about what our bucket lists were. She wanted to get married some day. That was news to me. I wanted one of my novels made into a movie. That was not news to anyone. Finally when G. awoke, there was some leftover gelato. G. had gotten chocolate chip pancakes to go after dinner so we had them for breakfast with coffee. 

I'm aware each slumber party for grownups will be different based on who attends. Stay tuned.


  1. What a great idea! I'm doing this someday! (And I fed your fish already, so you can skip a day. I wouldn't want them to go belly up!)

  2. Thanks for reading my blog post and commenting. I do enjoy the grown up slumber parties. It's like having temporary roommates, or a two day party.

    Thanks for feeding the fishies!


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