Why do we post on Facebook? What is cool and what is not cool FB manners?

Hello my quiet blog followers.  I have a juicy topic for your consideration.  I love Facebook more than Twitter.  Sometimes what I write on FB is a cross between a diary entry to myself and and letter to the world.  But sometimes I'll bring up a controversial topic that I feel passionately about.  I do so with trepidation knowing that it can provoke.  Topics like:  Gun control.  Racial discrimination.  Gay rights.  Trayvon Martin.  Psychopharmacology.  Etc.

I recently posted about a new study that suggests that the more gun owners in the world, the more crime that occurs.  Some agreed with the study; some responded with hostility saying that study was biased and gun bashing. They challenged me, Dwight, as obviously being anti-gun.

So I had to ask myself, when I post on FB, is it just to preach to the choir?  There's value in that too. Or is it to persuade and change minds?  That's hard to do in an online post.  I do know that when I post, I don't intend to necessarily have a debate.  I prefer to debate privately with others as needed.  Otherwise I feel bullied and I won't stand for that.  I responded to one friend recently with the following PRIVATE MESSAGE:

Janet, please help me with this.  I don't go over to other people's facebook pages to argue with their views, even though I may disagree with them.  If you don't care for my views, why don't you ignore me or unfriend me?  I just don't see what it accomplishes.  OR if your TRULY want a dialog with me, why not PRIVATE MESSAGE ME? 

So what are your thoughts?  How do you handle people who come to your personal FB page and call you out, challenge your beliefs, politics, opinions?  And do you bring up topics to preach to the choir, change the world, open a heart or two?


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