My blog is going to take a slight shift in direction. While I will still write about writerly things, I want to use this blog for more urgent expression, like a diary/journal. Here's an update on a few aspects of the Dwight Life:

DEAR DIARY -- I have a new friend, L. She is fun and good hearted and adventurous. She is learning to better manage her boundaries which have been pretty loose historically. I showed her the video I made for my mother's memorial some years ago, and L cried.  Then we watched the movie "Drag Me To Hell" and we laughed quite a bit. I am in the process of putting my rental property up for sale. This is new terrain and kind of exciting. I can feel that summer is gradually coming to an end so I must make sure to swim in the outdoor pool of my building as much as I can. With John or without. It was cool to hang out all Saturday with Nancy. It was like a mini-vacation.

WRITING -- Currently an editor from Random House/Hydra is reading the full ms. of my novel The Hope Store! And I'm waiting on CreateSpace to finish inserting a gold seal onto my book Prospect. Should be ready soon. Screenwriter Steve Perros is interested in adapting Prospect to the screen.

ROMANCE -- Online I met a nice guy who is half latin/half asian and studying business. His name could either be Pedro or Hisashi. Few people use their real name online.  We are talking about having a coffee date soon. I am interviewing prospective candidates to be my bf! In St. Louis, Shane is pretty cool. He said I'm one of the few people he's met online that "has my attention completely."  Sweet. What a nice thing to say.

WORK -- Working part-time at the nonprofit for the visually impaired is going pretty well. And lately I'm assisting two of my website clients on some different projects. One lives in Australia and one is on the west coast.

SPIRIT -- Went to a buddhist picnic today which was a lot of fun. On Saturday I went outside my comfort zone. I attended a performance in the wilderness with only bug spray for protection. But it was pretty cool and I didn't get bitten at all. At one point there were glow sticks floating it mason jars along the path, and colorful freezer pops hanging from the branches of a tree for the audience to eat.  Later that same night I dined alfresco with some new friends. Chicken satay with peanut sauce....and plantains with guacamole.  I don't often dine outside but the weather was yummy with a cool breeze.

QUESTION TO MY BLOG FOLLOWERS:  Do any one you use your blog as a journal?  Why or why not?  Discuss.  I have a feeling I will do more blog posts if I use it this way.


  1. This was really interesting - true journey into "Dwight"!

    I don't do the journal thing, and I see what you mean - coming up with a topic is torture, sometimes. :P

  2. I like the Dear Diary part and how I compartmentalize aspects of my existence.

  3. Thanks, Alison. I also like how a diary allows for recurring characters just like a novel does. And it's fun to refer to people by their initials.

    DEAR DIARY, M. has resurfaced in my online dating sphere. He's got the warmest smile and a buzz cut. Each time he addresses me online, he starts with "Hi, Handsome." Which is wonderful of course, but I need follow through. We still have yet to have our first coffee date! I told him that I know he's got a nutty schedule but please don't make me chase him for that cup of coffee. A boy must have his dignity.

    L. is gathering her new Chicago friends for dinner tomorrow. I will be attending and it will be nice to meet her other buds. Tonight I had a cheeseburger at that restaurant so I know that's one thing I'm definitely not ordering tomorrow. It was a good cheeseburger, but I need variety in my life.

    I have promised myself to lose 25 pounds this summer. So I've set myself to goal to walk from my house to Belmont. That's 10 blocks each way or 2.5 miles. Wish me luck, Diary. I've got my sneakers on and a clear destination in mind. In the next few minutes, it will be a tug of war between physical fitness and watching CNN. Pray I am victorious!

  4. UPDATE: I just came back from my 2.5 mile walk! I think this is a first. It took over an hour. Mostly I walked, or speedwalked, but I ran here and there. At first I was gonna just walk to Irving Park and call it a day. But a little voice inside me said, "Wouldn't it be a trip if I went 4 blocks further like to Addison?"

    So I dared myself and I made it to Addison. But didn't want to overdo it, right. I couldn't make it all the way to Belmont tonight? It's too dark and spooky. Okay, so I'm running along Lakeshore Drive and there'd be tons of witnesses to any crime against me. But it's late. And did I mention it's spooky. The closer to Belmont I get, the more those lobbies look like future crime scenes to me. So I made it all the way to Belmont.


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